"I am in love with the Honeycrates. The fact that you can shape the controlled beam by rotating the crate is awesome. They are the perfect marriage to the sourcemaker LED blankets. The Honeycrates are a huge time saver."           

-Dan Cornwall, Lighting Gaffer.  Credits: Venom, Black Panther, Father Figures, Guardian of the Galaxy Vol. 2              


"Honeycrates shape the light perfectly. The Honeycrate eliminates a lot of extra stands and flags which not only saves time but allows the light source to be right on the frame line to get maximum illumination. PERFECT TOOL!"     

-Mike Anderson, Key Grip. Credits: Grinch, Herbie, Four Christmases, Battleship, Crazy Stupid Love, Currently in production " Open World"                                              


"Just received our Honeycrates! Thanks so much they are awesome!!! The bags look amazing and the quality/worksmanship of the crates are fantastic!!! Well done to all involved."

- Jared Fish, Melbourne AU based Gaffer.